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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ipad 2 VS. Galaxy Tab VS. Everyone...

Ok so I have been in the market for a tablet since tablets came out. Im not sure who I should go with. I have the money and I cant decide if I should wait or if I should just pick one and go with it. I have looked exstensively on the Ipad 2 and it price, size ,and applecare plan. I realized that I was not considering the other tablets and moved on to the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. It seems to get great rave reviews but am I missing something. I got the conpared specifications of both of these tablets and also several others. Figured if anyone is using tablets they could give me some advise on how i should decide on what kind of tablet to buy and if there are any pros and cons that only someone who has one of the Tablets could know. Also I havent had time to check out the new functions of the Kindle Fire and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on them. Im going to try and blog more consistently also. Hope everyone had a great Halloween Weekend.

My IPHONE 4s 32GB profit!!!

I know its been awhile, I been really busy with school. Just finished up my Management 302 test. Figured everyone would get a kick out of the fact that i sold an Iphone 4s 32gb for $730.00. I purchased it as my upgrade for $397.00, which is totally BS anyway. And then I flipped it on google days after the release for $730.00. Pretty amazing if I say so myself. Now im alittle closer to getting that tablet that i desperately need for school and blogging. Im going to post about my tablet search as well, and see what you guys all think.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Breaking Bad: Season 1-3!!!

I have watched Breaking Bad on AMC since about the middle of the second season till the current fouth season. I found Breaking Bad on Netflix a few days ago and now I only have a few more episodes to watch before I have seen the entirety of the series up to date. Does anyone else watch or like this show? Walt (Bryan Cranston) was my favorite character up until the last fourth season where actions he and his wife Skylar have taken have put them in a real pickle. Walt and his sidekick Jessie are METH cooks in the beginning and as the series unfolds you can imagine the crazy things that are bound to happen and junky/revolutionary, and a Cancer riden chemistry teacher on the run from his destiny of unfortunate death. I figured I would post this up here and see if any of you guys like this show and if you do then I will do what I plan to do with The Walking Dead and each time I check out a new Episode we can discuss it on HERE. Check out the trailer and I know almost everyone has Netflix or knows someone who has it, so go Check it Out!

The Walking Dead: Season 1!!!

I recently just finished watching the first season of The Walking Dead on AMC. Anyone else enjoy this show because I think its absolutely amazing for a horror sitcom. I was so glad to hear that it was going from being just a miniseries to being a full on TV series. I think it can be easily compared to Dead Island the video game or any of the quality zombie movies out there like Dawn of the Dead, or Land of the Dead (George A Romero is awesome zombie director if you guys want to check him out). The Walking dead begin with a life bond between Rick the police officer and the Asian pizza delivery driver who saves his life. They work together in a smart and delicate manor to keep one another alive and group together with other survivors, much like what would really happen in real life if zombies were to attack. The season progresses by everyone helping to gather weapons, supplies, and making camp on top of a mountain so they could control and patrol the area. Obviously shit goes insane, people die, and alliances are made and broken. I plan to watch the second season and maybe write a review on each episode on its quality, reality, and my thoughts on the characters actions. Let me know how everyone enjoyed the first Season 1 and your general thoughts about the show.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

I recently rented this movie from the RedBox! Bad ass if I might say so myself. This movie bring in a more in depth portrayal of what happened and bring more of a government conspiracy into the mix. The graphics are absolutely amazing and the new Autobots and Decepticons are very well done and make for awesome special affects. Though Megan Fox is not in this, I really didnt make me dislike it at all. The new girlfriend of Shia Lebouf is just as hot and used for the same purpose as Megan Fox. She gets kidnapped and he has to save her. I also wanted to add, that i was very impressed by the amount of fighting that was in this movie, since the last to were lacking some. They are transformers, and they have awesome weapons now lets see more and more of them. Let me know how you guys like the movie once you see it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

GONZO: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson!!!

Hunter S. Thompson, Or to most people general knowledge the guy who influenced the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I just watched a documentary called Gonzo: Dr.Hunter S. Thompson. It explains his life from birth to death. It is absolutely interesting to see the interesting times that this writer/author goes through and how it really influenced the life of Hunter Thompson. Thompson wrote the first novel about the Hells Angels. He also went through the scandal of the Hells Angels being a violent drug doing, sex craving illegal biker gang. He gained a great amount of publicity through this novel and became more of a freelance writer after that. He was very interested in politics and the effect it had on his own day to day life. He got into politics and made people hear his voice and change the way they think about things. You can watch this documentary on Netflix.  Or probably check out some interviews with him on youtube.

How to become a Serial Killer!!!

Today i got the chance to watch How to Become a Serrial Killer. This movie is weird as all hell but is extremely funny as well. Its like a almost two hour long how to become a serial killer for dummies book. I think i am more able now to become a serial killer then earlier on today. The character development between the killer and the protege is very interesting. The movie develops instages and is sectioned out into parts. That was annoying at first but the movie is quality so i was able to get over my dislike of movies being like that.  Here is the imdb to How to Become a Serial Killer, the website is no longer avbailiable.