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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ipad 2 VS. Galaxy Tab VS. Everyone...

Ok so I have been in the market for a tablet since tablets came out. Im not sure who I should go with. I have the money and I cant decide if I should wait or if I should just pick one and go with it. I have looked exstensively on the Ipad 2 and it price, size ,and applecare plan. I realized that I was not considering the other tablets and moved on to the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. It seems to get great rave reviews but am I missing something. I got the conpared specifications of both of these tablets and also several others. Figured if anyone is using tablets they could give me some advise on how i should decide on what kind of tablet to buy and if there are any pros and cons that only someone who has one of the Tablets could know. Also I havent had time to check out the new functions of the Kindle Fire and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on them. Im going to try and blog more consistently also. Hope everyone had a great Halloween Weekend.

My IPHONE 4s 32GB profit!!!

I know its been awhile, I been really busy with school. Just finished up my Management 302 test. Figured everyone would get a kick out of the fact that i sold an Iphone 4s 32gb for $730.00. I purchased it as my upgrade for $397.00, which is totally BS anyway. And then I flipped it on google days after the release for $730.00. Pretty amazing if I say so myself. Now im alittle closer to getting that tablet that i desperately need for school and blogging. Im going to post about my tablet search as well, and see what you guys all think.