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Friday, October 7, 2011

Breaking Bad: Season 1-3!!!

I have watched Breaking Bad on AMC since about the middle of the second season till the current fouth season. I found Breaking Bad on Netflix a few days ago and now I only have a few more episodes to watch before I have seen the entirety of the series up to date. Does anyone else watch or like this show? Walt (Bryan Cranston) was my favorite character up until the last fourth season where actions he and his wife Skylar have taken have put them in a real pickle. Walt and his sidekick Jessie are METH cooks in the beginning and as the series unfolds you can imagine the crazy things that are bound to happen and junky/revolutionary, and a Cancer riden chemistry teacher on the run from his destiny of unfortunate death. I figured I would post this up here and see if any of you guys like this show and if you do then I will do what I plan to do with The Walking Dead and each time I check out a new Episode we can discuss it on HERE. Check out the trailer and I know almost everyone has Netflix or knows someone who has it, so go Check it Out!

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  1. Really really reaaaaally good show. Maybe you could do a more in depth review (if you want to).